Plan & Pricing


For enterprise private cloud with production workloads,
we offer the management tools services & supports

Enterprise Private Cloud with OpenStack


Nipa.Cloud is #1 Openstack Enterprise Private Cloud Platform in Thailand. We provide support services, management tools, and the cloud backup-high availability which helps your enterprise productive with your own local OpenStack cloud.

  • Price : 50,000 Baht / year / machine
  • Cloud operations tooling
  • Support Deploy, run, scale, upgrade OpenStack
  • Livepatch (all hosts and guests)
  • Knowledge Base
  • Certified Drivers for Windows
  • Support 3TB of Ceph and/or Swift usable storage per node
  • 24×7 phone and ticket support (all hosts and guests)
  • High availability (HA) support

We have the most experienced team to build web-scale production cloud.